Wastewater treatment facilities

Ice cream production requires the use of large amounts of water. At Akagi Nyugyo, we treat wastewater using our own strict standards. Our system features the use of advanced treatment with torula yeast. This results in the breakdown of fats, and is also able to significantly reduce excess sludge—even with fluctuating pH levels. We are also engaged in various activities to reduce the amount of discharged water, even as our ice cream production increases yearly.

Water drainage equipment

Water treatment facilities

At Akagi Nyugyo we use municipal water for our products, and treated well water to freeze and harden our icy confectionery and to clean our equipment.
Our water treatment methods include membrane filtration that completely removes all unnecessary particles, which of course includes machinery to remove iron and manganese, as well as various types of bacteria. Our treated water is therefore extremely hygienic, maintaining the same or higher levels as standard clean water, and utilizing water treatment equipment that is on par with that used by pharmaceutical companies.

Water treatment facilities