Company Information


  • Building completion date

    March 20, 2018

  • Business description

    Product R&D

  • Location

    2-12-1 Nishijima-cho, Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture

  • Access

    Approx. 2 min. walk from the north exit of Fukaya Station (JR Takasaki Line)

Company introduction

Company introduction

Company overview

Akagi Nyugyo Company Limited
Representative Directors
President Sota Inoue
December 20, 1961 (Founded on October 22, 1931)
1,034,000,000 yen
Corporate activities
  1. 1. Manufacture and sales of frozen desserts including ice creams, popsicles and other icy treats
  2. 2. Manufacture and sales of general food products
  3. 3. All additional initiatives associated with the above
Account closing date
December 31
Address of headquarters
2-12-1 Nishijima-cho, Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture
Affiliate company
GariGarikun Production Co. Ltd.

Sales trends

Sales trends


Akagi Nyugyo Company Limited, Sota Inoue, CEO

Just call us the frozen treat dream makers.

The name of our company, Akagi Nyugyo, comes from Mt. Akagi, which is visible from our office. Mt. Akagi is not a tall mountain, but its base is an extremely broad one; and our company takes its name from our similar hope of being loved by a broad base of customers.

Our goal was never simply to become a large company. Rather, even though we are small-scale, we have striven to be strong. In order to reach this goal of becoming a “small and strong” company, one thing we have always prioritized is the idea of being renegades in our field.

We have never imitated other companies, or been restricted by the traditions in our industry. Rather, we have continued to come up with our own techniques and innovations that are unique to Akagi Nyugyo. This was the case with respect to our trusted freezing technologies at the time our company was founded, as well as the sales of our products in convenience stores far ahead of our competitors. These are now industry standards—and are rooted in Akagi Nyugyo’s history as a non-conforming company.

What enables us to maintain our foundation as a small and strong company is the motivation that exists on the part of each individual employee. We spend around three times more than most companies on our employee education—and for Akagi Nyugyo, this is completely normal. Our philosophy holds that customers will not experience satisfaction unless this is first felt by our workers. Accordingly, we have created a system wherein our staff are able to work while pursuing their own dreams and having a good time.

High quality product guarantee, creative product development, and finding solutions for issues that develop at sales outlets. Such initiatives will enable Akagi Nyugyo to continue serving as “frozen treat dream makers” who are committed to finding new innovations in ice creams and frozen desserts, and who continue to take on new challenges in numerous fields without limits.